Have you got a great idea for a present? Here are some that my customers have thought of:
Birthday presents
IMG_4989A special gift for the couple...Wedding art Marie JusticeA family portrait fFullSizeRenderor a Super Herojustindebbie's-60th

Special “BIG” cards painted on foam board and cut out with back stands:

IMG_3908foam board cardIMG_2860IMG_4545

Every letter is an interest of the person!
or a small calendar of months

A special anniversary pencil drawing......IMG_3917IMG_1874

Growth Chart for a new baby’s room.....growth chart

Something unforgettable for your best friend !!!!DSC05900

A portrait of Man’s best friend
blacklabyellow labNote cards from a home drawingjanie's-home-cutout

A special treatment of your friends Wedding InvitationDSC05617

These little watercolors for a grandchild were recreations from their great grandfather’s Baby Book!!!

Onesies for your special and newest friend!

A 3D window for a windowless office painted in 4 display cases!

An Engagement or wedding watercolor.ayres

A box of Thank you Cards for the new Mother...Jennifer Powell Thankyou

These are two different accordian books that tuck neatly into a gift boxFor Graduation;

A cool cooler!

And a favorite poem in Calligraphy
kim's-babyDSC05096closeup Joy